Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment Six – Transitions

So far I’ve contemplated three possible projects:


Our Garden

I’ve already documented,(at the bottom of this post here  my misadventure with the idea of having a backdrop for the tree so it would be more of a portrait of the tree as it blossoms, fruits and dies down during the year. The scar on my leg still hasn’t faded!

My other idea is to photograph almost the whole of the garden. This is the simplest as I only have to step outside.  The main reason I thought of this is because our garden is opposite a local shop whose back wall is painted an off-white colour but this colour changes according to time of day and there are also some lovely sunset skies.  I’ve done some test shots using a prime 50mm lens which I thought would be better than using my zoom lens.

After the first couple of shots I realised that my vantage point needed to be slightly more to one side because as the trees began to grow their leaves the back of the shop could hardly be seen. I’m not sure whether this will have enough interesting about it to sustain a series but will wait and see. I’m also thinking a wider lens could be needed, plus a tripod will be required for late evening shots especially as the days shorten. if I am going to take and, if I’m going to seriously consider this then I will make notes on day, date, weather conditions etc.


I’ve visited allotments in the past on Open Days and I love to see the growth there.  It would be great to be able to follow one through a year. I need to consider whether I would just choose one allotment on a site or cover the whole site. I’ve written to the secretary of an Association not too far away which was formed in 1917 and is also now a members of the National Open Garden Scheme.  They have two sites (the newest being created in 2012 ) and documents going back to 1917 which are lodged with Surrey History Centre.  I haven’t had a response yet so keeping my fingers crossed.

Housing developments

In this post here  I referred to the prospect of three large housing developments being developed around the area where I now live.  These will not only impact upon green belt land but place strain upon available health and education facilities. The new development will necessitate potential sweeping alterations to the creaking road system and the three different Boroughs involved have been required by Surrey County Council to produce a feasibility plan (again currently contested by the local residents and businesses) One of these developments is proposed for a site currently occupied by Fairoaks Airport which originally opened as a private airstrip in 1931.  The current owners plan to close the airport, with an original plan to build 1500 housing units – now reduced to 1000.  There is much local opposition to the plan, including refuted suggestions of private deals between two of the Councils involved to support each other’s schemes (see here )

The smallest contested development is proposed on land where I spent much time on my previous Module photographing poppies – all of which disappeared last year as the soil was turned over and barbed wire fencing installed (see here ) presumably in expectation of the plans going ahead.

Now all these planning applications, discussions at County level and necessary involvement of the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) who just happens to be the MP for the Borough wherein Fairoaks Airport stands) will take some considerable time to show an outcome.  I’m pretty sure that houses will be built but will building begin before I finish this Module?  Even if building hasn’t begun, is there any way I can somehow incorporate this wider environmental/social debate into the project I choose to create for Assignment 6?

Update November 2018

After discussion with my tutor I decided not to proceed with the idea of the Allotments as I would not be able to gain easy access. I have also decided to shelve the idea of the Housing developments for the time being because the planning application process is still ongoing. Two other ideas I had were Great Windsor Park in Virginia Water which isn’t too far away as I am now a member there or Ottershaw Memorial Fields which I visit everyday.  I regularly take photographs in both those places but have made the choice of Ottershaw Memorial Fields.



4 thoughts on “Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment Six – Transitions

  1. Judy Bach

    There’s plenty of scope in all three for you to explore. Choosing your garden (which is lovely btw) or tree for the transitions assignment may enable you to explore and incorporate some of your alternative photography experiments too. Good luck, I’m looking forward to following your progress over the changing seasons.


  2. jonathan515050

    I like your idea of the allotments where there is lots to compare – either one garden through time or between gardens (although the garden one would probably be easier). Do you have access to a drone – an aerial view might be an interesting way to compare the gardens and also to visualise the whole plot?


    1. Catherine Post author

      That’s an interesting idea and something I could explore although I’m still a bit on the fence regarding drones. I still haven’t had a reply to my email but it is Summer holiday time I guess.



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