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ii. The editing process: Assignment 2

ii The Editing Process

On the first walk I took 105 photographs and on the second 111.  On an initial look-through I realised (well re-realised) that I’m not very skilled at taking photographs of ducks.  I also felt concerned that I might have taken too many pastoral/pretty photographs.

First edit:  76 images from Session 1 and 79 from Session 2 chosen to process in Camera RAW.  (PDF available if my tutor wishes to look at them)

Second edit:  Total of 117 chosen

Third edit:  Total reduced to 89 but this was slow progress.  To begin with I was looking for the best of the photographs,  but I knew that some had been duplicated, in terms of the same view from different directions or a detail of a view and I decided this was the time to do more analysis. Analysis Table PDF below (numbers not an exact match due to cross-referencing)

Analysis of Photographs that made it to the third edit

Fourth edit:   Total reduced to 66. Contact sheet PDF:


I printed the contact sheets and after looking through decided I would keep the ones of litter in case I decided to do something with them at a later time, but not to include them in the final edit as this would give a disproportionate view of the walk.

Fifth edit: Reduced to 46 images in total. Created contact sheets which I printed and then sorted manually. Contact sheet PDF:-


6th edit:  Total reduced to 30 images and this was a difficult process. Looking for a representative flavour without the series appearing too touristy/glamorized – not an easy task given the combination of water, Autumn greenery and reflections.  Also representative of what – objective in terms of how a walk on the canal might appear to be most people or subjective in terms of what I noticed but, then, I chose which scenes to photograph and now I’m editing them.  JPEG Contact sheets below:-


Penultimate choice:16 images which, at the moment I can’t seem to reduce to 12.


The next steps are to attempt to reduce to twelve for feedback, write about artistic influences/reading and then reflect on the whole process.