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Response to Tutor Feedback on Assignment 2

Response to Tutor formative feedback on Assignment 2 and the progress of my ongoing Assignment 6

 I had a comprehensive feedback Skype session with my tutor on the 21stFebruary from which, as previously, I wrote detailed notes which my tutor then ‘edited’ and added her own comments.  Report PDF attached.

CBanks_LDS_A2 Feedback

and below is the summary table of Strengths and areas for development.


Further thoughts

I will focus here on feedback for Assignment 2 and write a separate blog post on our discussion of ongoing work for Assignment 6.

I really appreciated and learned so much from her detailed analysis of my ‘final’ Assignment images and it was reassuring to know that seven of them were ‘strong’ as regards composition, viewpoint and colour (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10)

I need to have another look at 12, 13 and 14

to see if there are similar alternatives bearing in mind that my tutor said eight images would be sufficient rather than twelve.  There’s that slightly obsessive part of me that thought I should begin with an image from the beginning of the walk (1) and end with one from the end (15) however, Helen said I don’t need it.  I will write further when I have taken another look at potential replacements/additions.

I discussed the process of editing here but one of the areas for development is to evidence the creative sequencing and choices in more detail using the approach modelled by Helen in our Skype discussion. Her overall advice to keep looking for strong frames, especially with complex landscapes, and utilise different standing points can be applied to all Assignments I think.

Another of the strengths I have shown relates to contextual research, yet my tutor did remark on the fact that visual/photographic research specifically informing my work was lacking. I was taken aback by this because I did refer to several artists when discussing context (as here) . Perhaps this was because I was thinking more about the approach of the photographers than choices of viewpoints or methods, although I had written about Paul Gaffney – not only in relation to pathways but also the way in which he uses just spaces and no people – and my tutor commented on this in her feedback in relation to image No. 7 with its two paths and people emerging from both.  I had also used Simon Roberts’ strategy of photographing from above, doing this from one of the bridges over the canal, although I didn’t specifically link this.  I’ve taken on board that I do need to be more specific in linking my own work with that of well-known photographers; even to the extent of occasions when I have chosen not to use a similar approach.

Further posts to come regarding  feedback on progress with Assignment 6 and also initial discussion on Assignment 3.