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Third Visit – 13th May 2019

Third Visit – 13thMay 2109

I was awake very early this morning and decided this would be a good time to drive to Silent Pool. The roads were virtually empty as was the car park when I arrived.  I was alone, apart from a tractor in a field in the far distance past the vineyard.  There was no sign of the fish in the water and the air was still. I stayed mainly by the Pool although did walk up the track towards the ridge of the Downs and then into the thickets of trees at the side; hoping I might be able to see the source point of the Pool – the one hidden behind the fence. I could only see a hint of the water through the top branches of the trees below.   I took a few photographs of the cottage on the way back down and then drove back home as the traffic was beginning to build.

I took 97 photographs , making an initial selection of 70 and then a second selection of 43 – contact sheets below.


I will now be working with 118 from the three visits and know I will have to choose from several versions of the same view in some cases.

I think with some of them I have achieved the effect I wish to produce – not for the whole final series but for part of it. At this stage I’m not certain on my approach – do I cover both Silent Pool and Sherbourne Pond and their surroundings or concentrate on Silent Pool? I have also  taken photographs of small details like waterside flower and plants so will need to decide whether or not any of these should appear in the final selection.