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Overall Edit – Process

In separate, earlier posts  I described my initial selections for each visit. These were based on quality and composition and, in the case of the Second visit I had separated out the three areas in the location, see here .

A fellow student,  in commenting on my post on my third visit had written , For me the pool with reflections have the feel of a set, and also convey some of the magic you mentioned in one of the posts. But the details and how it relates to the surrounding area are perhaps what help define it as a place.

I thought this was a very helpful and timely comment to make me check my focus and re-define the meaning of ‘place’ for me. I’m interested in the fact that whilst I see the Artisan buildings as separate from Silent Pool, even though at least one of them depends on it for its water, I do incline towards linking the Pool with Sherbourne Pond, which it gave birth to as it were.  However, one part of the pond relates more to Silent Pool due to the inflow from it, whilst the other part relates to the brook which receives its outflow. I’m probably getting too much into semantics here so will leave it at that for now.  just in case, I have gathered together the images from all three visits I which relate to Sherbourne pond and the brook .

For the time being I have set them aside as I have those from visits to the Distillery.

I then made a selection (the third) from all three visits which totalled 48 images.

These relate to the walk to Silent Pool; the Pool; its outflow to Sherbourne pond; my walk around the area surrounding the Pool and the walk back.

I then printed those Contact Sheets, and cut them into separate images so that I could move them around, see how they relate to each other and also identify duplicates from different dates to choose between them. I also extracted flower photographs – to begin with I thought they added a separate interest and, perhaps, some punctuation in the series but my choices are limited to ‘up to twelve, so I have to be ruthless!


This work has left me with 25 images as my fourth selection. I’ve left in the images of the closed gate to the source point of Silent Pools and also the one of the old tree and its roots because they do represent boundaries, possession and survival.  I’m not sure they fit into the series photographically but I can decide when I make the final selection.