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Exercise 4.1 : Critical Review Proposal

Planning for Assignment 4

I was delayed on planning for this Assignment due to the need for cataract surgery on my right eye but once I’d could see properly again I emailed my tutor with some ideas at the beginning of September. See below for relevant extracts from our exchange.

I was interested in all five of my condensed ideas but, thinking them over, realised that my thoughts were circling around notions of “Home” both as a place and also as a psychological need or yearning that called strongly during absence.  This isn’t a new concept for me during my time with OCA as I’ve written about this before – the effect of moving house reasonably often; how I ‘make myself at home’ in a new area; what it was like to re-connect with the neighbourhood in Sheffield where I was born and lived until I was married, and the shock of seeing how it had deteriorated over the years.  Before then I’d had regular dreams of going in and out of neighbour’s houses and doing the shopping for my mum, but all these stopped once I’d actually re-visited the neighbourhood and experienced the cognitive dissonance between memory and reality.

This concept of ‘Home” became more highlighted for me as a result of the continuing Brexit debate and comments about nationalism and patriotism. There’s certainly been much in the press and I was interested to read this article in the Guardian about the new literary genre that’s developed.   I asked myself what it was that makes people feel patriotic towards their country; what underlies this feeling of attachment to homeland, home; those feeling of homesickness and nostalgia?  I also wondered how much it’s possible to evoke such feelings through landscape imagery – conceptual or traditional – as opposed to a social/documentary approach. One project that I’d seen at the Brighton Biennial last year had had a strong impact on me – “Homesick”the work of Hrair Sarkissian which I wrote about here with its multi-media and performative aspect, but could there be others?  This would be my starting point also bearing in mind the strong links between home, attachment, identity and self.

I wrote down some further thoughts around “Home” :-

The place of ‘Home” in landscape

Trauma and landscape

Ruins, scars, what’s left behind as evidence

The difference between the impact at the time, photographs and “late” photography

The Place is the metaphor for the humanised event, experience, emotion

Can artworks be a virtual place? “Nurture” us.

Self not fixed (object relations)

Degree of stability – being rooted versus tramping the world (Yi-Fu Tuan)

The nature of home

Childhood home – caters to the bipolar part of our nature

Home is a house… and in a larger sense ….connection with self and change in self

The importance of place depends …

Landscape and the notion of home

Home links with identity and self, in the person, but the ‘place’ of home is landscape

Home, space and place

A conceptual approach to landscape

You can still be a “self” away from “home” and grow away from that place

What I left behind – leaving home

Home and memory

When we say “home” do we mean “identity”?



With too many thoughts again swirling round in my head I created a word-cloud for a different view.


I have read much around the topic but decided I also needed to understand a little more about the role of attachment and object-relations theory to enlarge my understanding of the psychological aspects – not that I will necessarily include those  to any length in my Critical Review (only 2000 words after all) but to give me more of a baseline from which to venture forth.