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Assignment 5: Third and Fourth Edits from Photography Sessions

Third Edit

In the next stage I decided to put edits from three sessions together and then reduced 51 down 40 images



Fourth Edit

I printed the contact sheets from the third edit and cut them into separate images.


I must have spent around three hours moving them around, seeing how they fit together,  matching colours, forming different sets which seemed to belong to each other.  I didn’t think there was a way to prune them down into one coherent set.  If I had different series could it be possible to link them?  Were there linking images?  if so, I couldn’t finding ; which isn’t to say that there aren’t any somewhere in all the photographs I’ve taken.  I decided that, for the time being, they fell more easily into three sets and this reduced the number to 21.

4th Edit Contact Sheets before division into sets


Three of them were of the Bell Barrows.  Six came together in a set with a dark mood that I called “Premonitions” for the time being. Twelve came together as Horsell Common and the Sandpit, with a cover image,


Horsell Common and the Sandpit


I will stay with Horsell Common and the Sandpit for now and format these images into a Blurb book tomorrow and evaluate my draft submission..