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Tutor Formative Feedback on Progress Report Assignment 6


My tutor’s Formative Feedback related to Assignments 4, 5 and 6.  Extract below in respect of Assignment 6 – Transitions.

Assignment 6/Transitions

Progressing well, keep pushing – you may need to shoot in conditions that are not within your comfort zone in order to complete the unit in time. Looking over your recent edits/ contacts, I am less drawn to the images of the occupied cricket pitch or spaces that are explicitly occupied or used for sport, and more to the images that chart some of the traces of human interference in the landscape, such as the strange branch sculptures and pathways etc. I’m not sure the notion of the ‘green man’ works as a concept when viewed cold so might need a bit more work to align and articulate. You’re thinking about different approaches to the edit – continue mining what you might mean by this green man idea, and use this as a guide for a wide selection that you can live with and revisit, questioning what it really is you want to say and using that, and technical quality, to inform the final edit.

 I’ve had consistent feedback from my tutor about her preference for images charting traces of human ‘interference’ in the landscape – my own term for this is ‘interrupted landscape’.  I’ve continued to include the sporting spaces and playground areas in case I do use them at some point and as part of tracking changes over time.  However, looking at this in a different way, sporting activities are pretty ubiquitous in parks and recreation grounds whereas human interaction with woods/trees is more idiosyncratic and, therefore, of more interest .  I have also continued to create short videos with my phone camera and so, potentially, I could use some of the still photographs within a compilation video –  not to submit for assessment but for my own pleasure and practice in video compilation.

 “Green man” Nîmes, France © Przemyslaw Sakraida 2010

Norwich cathedral cloisters roof boss

 The term ‘Green Man’ is thought to have been applied by Julia, Lady Raglan in her 1939  article about foliate heads or marks which can be found in some churches and graveyards. There is an interesting article here  which provides an overview of theories and interpretations of such features which can be found in many countries without coming to a specific conclusion as to their ‘meaning’ as symbols of life and nature; fertility; death and rebirth; demon or as artistic interpretation; survivor from other mythologies or primeval archetype central to our relationship with Nature.

However, “A common link in nearly all of the legends and myths which have been suggested as precursors of the Green Man is that of metamorphosis and transformation” and that fits for me with “Transitions” and also my own small green man who has sprouted with leaves all over since I first photographed him. Unfortunately, as he has grown in size it has become increasingly different to get a series of technically good photographs of him because he is slightly behind a larger tree which he has moved closer to as his branches and leaves have grown. I’ve adjusted as much as possible and converted to square format to show the change in growth.

Onwards now to the editing process. Thanks also to my tutor and OCA Support for agreeing to my suggestion that I submit Assignment 6 before Assignment 5, giving me more time to work on the latter during January.